Project Life - my album so far (part one)

I may have mentioned, just once or twice, that I'm newly obsessed with Project Life. I'm obsessed with taking photos for it (which is brilliant, as it makes me remember to take pics), I'm obsessed with making layouts, I'm obsessed with watching YouTube videos and looking at Pinterest boards, I'm obsessed with buying things (bad, bad, bad right before Christmas... do you think I could give my boyfriend a set of 3x4 journalling cards?), I just blooming' love the whole thing. And I'm getting much better at it. It's a really simple system, but typically for me I dove straight in before I really knew what I was doing. And I think a lot of other people probably do the same. So I wanted to share my album so far, not just to show off the layouts I'm proud of, but also to share where I went wrong and what I would change. After all, no-one's perfect, right?

This is the album I chose. It's the Aqua Edition Designer Cloth album.

This is my title page. It took me a long time to get it right - I made a lot of changes before I was happy with it. The grey card and the typewriter are from a Fine and Dandy paper pack I bought ages ago for no good reason other than because I liked it. One of the best things I've bought was a corner punch for £4 from Hobbycraft, it gives cards you make yourself a really professional finish (I also got a lot of my stuff from Craftie Charlie by the way, if you're looking for a UK supplier). 

I also used some glittery thickers, a heart-shaped paperclip (from Tesco!), some fun phrases from the Fine & Dandy papers and some neon wash tape. 

This is my title card. I want the album to tell the story of me & Luke's adventures together. 

Come back tomorrow to see more!