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The real "More Dash Than Cash"

Has anyone seen the November issue of Vogue? The so-called return of "More Dash Than Cash" for the thrifty fashionista? Well what a joke. Their idea of "budget" is items under £150. One of the bracelets they featured was little more than a cowrie shell on some chain - and it blew the whole hundred and fifty quid! I could make one for about three pounds (and some weekend soon when I've finished my Christmas decoration buying spree I intend to do a tutorial showing you how you can too).
They also spent quite a while writing about upcycling, and yet the cost of their "upcycled" items still managed to run into three figures. Are they missing the point or are the editors of Vogue so out of touch with the real world that they think that in a recession we can afford to spend hundred turning an old nightie into a vest top that looks like an old nightie... but with some added sequins.
Gosh I'm furious.
As it happens, I'm currently working ona thrift/craft…

Royal Exchange - sneak preview

I've been hard at work for the last few days making things to go off to the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester as part of their Fairytale Christmas sale in their craft shop.
I've gone a little bit out on a limb as I've been using some fabulous but not-at-all-cheap stones, along with some really beautiful handpicked pieces of vintage jewellery to rework. I've also wired everything together using 14 carat goldfill wire - much nicer than gold plated which I hate and never use. When I saw my bill when I'd finished filling my trolley on the semi precious beads website I nearly had a heart attack - I hope you all think it's worth it!
As ever these are all one of a kind designs, and won't be available in my Folksy shop unless someone specially requests them before Monday. If there is a piece here you've fallen in love with and you want me to set up a listing for you email me at
Speaking of Christmas, I will also be at the Christmas…


Fashionbite is currently the coolest fashion blog on the block. It was set up during London fashion Week by Emily Sears, fashion guru at Drapers magazine and guess what? She's featured me in her "Vintage Rocks" feature:

You can read the full article, here

Handmade Christmas - suggestions please!

I've just done a lovely interview for UK Handmade's blog - you can read it here. I am also going to write a tutorial for the Christmas issue of their magazine.
Initially I was going to do a step by step on reworking a brooch into something new, but as it's Christmas I'm thinking maybe I'll do a "how to" on making Christmas decorations out of vintage stuff instead - what do people think? What would you prefer? Or should I do something else altogether?

As featured!

Woop! The thousands of press releases I've sent out over the last few weeks seem finally to be working - look at this lovely article on

All through october anyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a prize draw to win a made With Love goody bag worth £50. Yep £50! What better excuse to start your Christmas shopping early and maybe bag a little pressie for yourself in the bargain!
You can read the whole article, here
Visit my shop here to buy and be in with a chance of winning the fabulous goody bag.

Win a goody bag!

Yes, after lots of blood, sweat and the occasional tears I have finally officially launched my website -
To celebrate, everyone who buys an item from made With Love in october will be entered into a draw to win a goody bag worth £50! Woohoo!
It's also been a good few months in terms of press coverage - things seem to finally be really taking off. Below are just a few of the lovely articles I've been featured in recently.

Manchester Evening News

Make Jewellery magazine

Lancashire Life

Read all about it!

Lots of lovely press coverage in the last few weeks in Make Jewellery, the Manchester Evening News and Large Manchester. I've pasted a copy of the Large Manchester feature below - the others will follow when I've worked out how to get electronic copies of them. Unfortunately Large Manchester printed my website address as, not but hopefully people will have the sense to Google me if they like what they read. The days are ticking down to the official website launch - hopefully it will all be finished by Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled for a special celebratory competition!