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Advice please!

Just recently I've noticed that another handmade jewellery maker has introduced a line of reconstructed vintage pieces. Fair enough, after all I'm not the only person to do it. But in this particular case the focus on giving broken and unloved items a new lease of life is almost identical to what I do - to the extent that some of the wording used by the other person is pretty much exactly the same as mine.
Coincidence? Perhaps. But when a press release this person put out in June bears a striking resemblance to one I did in May, you have to start wondering. Hmmm...


I can't believe I haven't blogged for a month! Slack of me I know but I've just been sooooooo busy! On Friday Made With Love was featured in the Greenlife section of the Manchester Evening News - you can read the article here.
I've also been busy, busy, busy creating pieces for the Royal Exchange's Fairytale Christmas sale. They're absolutely lovely items - I'm not sure I can bear to part with them to be honest. And my jewellery is also going to be part of the Christmas market at The Met in Bury - phew!
There's only 93 sleeps until Santa, so you'd best start thinking about your Christmas shopping - I already know what I'm getting my boyfriend (I'm not posting it here though in case he sees!), it's just everyone else I'm stuck on.
Christmas has been on my mind because believe it or not we're already starting work on Christmas features for the newspaper. Ace for me, because I get really excited, but I think it might be starting to gr…