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Innocent when you dream

Normally the only rosettes I have anything to do are the ones I get showing my horse, but I've been dying for ages to have a go at making rosette ribbon brooches. Anyway, today I sat down with all the bits of ribbon I could find in the house and this is the result:
I'm pretty pleased if I do say so myself! I'll be listing them on Folksy for £2.50 for the large rosettes and £2 for the small ones, plus sets of three for £6. If you're interested in ordering them in particular colours or you want to buy them before they're listed, email me at made_with_love@rocketmail.comI've recently been reading the collected Tom Waits interviews, Innocent When You Dream, and thinking how much I'd like to open up my own shop selling vintage and handmade goods. Probably not the best time economically to be taking that particular idea to the bank manager, though. And for those who are wondering what's happening with the My Vintage Charms saga - they've refunded the cost…

Valentine's ideas

Flowers, chocolates, diamonds... They'd all be appreciated, but for a really special Valentine's Day gift why not look a little off the beaten track?

To start with the more traditional gifts, there are plenty of finds on Folksy incorporating hearts. This cute felt brooch is an inexpensive gift, perfect if you are in the early stages of your relationship and want to show your affection without going over the top. In fact, at just £3, why wait until Valentine's Day? You can buy it here.
For a more serious gift, jewellery is always the best option. This silver heart necklace by Ali Bali Jewellery is contemporary and stylish:Or for a more vintage style, this resin heart incorporating an original print of tree branches and a vintage button is the perfect gift. You can buy it here. Of course, my jewellery also incorporates real vintage bits and bobs. I suggest this Fly Away With Me necklace, which is made from pink freshwater pearls, a brass swallow from New York, a gorgeously spa…

New stuff, Valentines and gripes

Haven't blogged for ages - mostly because I've become a bit disheartened with the whole hand-made "community" - yes that's right, I'm still waiting for my refund from My Vintage Charms.
However- I sold three necklaces over the weekend, which is always bound to boost a girl's ego, so I have listed a few more items on Folksy: Buy it here

Buy it here

Buy it hereI am also compiling my favourite Valentine's picks (hopefully the boyfriend is an avid reader of this and will come looking for hints!) which I will post up over the next few days. Finding stuff for the girls is easy, but what about the boys? Does anyone have any suggestions?