Innocent when you dream

Normally the only rosettes I have anything to do are the ones I get showing my horse, but I've been dying for ages to have a go at making rosette ribbon brooches. Anyway, today I sat down with all the bits of ribbon I could find in the house and this is the result:

I'm pretty pleased if I do say so myself! I'll be listing them on Folksy for £2.50 for the large rosettes and £2 for the small ones, plus sets of three for £6. If you're interested in ordering them in particular colours or you want to buy them before they're listed, email me at

I've recently been reading the collected Tom Waits interviews, Innocent When You Dream, and thinking how much I'd like to open up my own shop selling vintage and handmade goods. Probably not the best time economically to be taking that particular idea to the bank manager, though.

And for those who are wondering what's happening with the My Vintage Charms saga - they've refunded the cost of the items they sent that were wrong, but not the cost of my posting them back to them, which they promised they'd do. Seeing as now they're ignoring my emails I reckon it's a lost cause but for anyone who is thinking about buying from them, think twice - I have never experienced such rudeness and terrible customer service in my life.

That certainly won't happen when I open my shop! Sigh - back to dreaming I guess...