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Let them eat cake

I absolutely love John Galliano's bonkers reimagining of Marie Antoinette in her chocolate box shepherdess phase at Dior. Just look at them! If I lived in 18th century France I'd build a time machine and ship Galliano back through the centuries to be my personal couturier.

They are, however, somewhat impractical. But inspired by JG's genius I made this little lace and silk rosette brooch:

Pin it to your blazer for a little touch of opulent glamour everyday. Buy it in the UK from Folksy: But it worldwide from Etsy:

Sneak preview - customised bangle

In Pics: Now available in the Wench and Trinkets

Just a couple of pictures of two of the new necklaces which are now available in the wench and Trinkets, Bolton.

Busy bee...

I've been so busy doing commissions recently that I've had barely any time to make anythng new for the various websites. But I sat up far too late last night finishing a batch of new necklaces for the Wench and Trinkets in Bolton. For the first time I feel that I can really think of them as a "collection" - there's lots of keys, real pearls, ribbon and vintage chandelier drops. Hopefully they'll sell - credit crunch be damned. Got rather giddy though and bought lots of new supplies... so expect pictures of new items very soon. I'll post pics of the new Wench and Trinkets items as soon as I get home.