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Falling in love again

This post from the amazing team over at Jamball makes me very happy - can't wait to see what they come up with!

12 fab free printables you can download now!

I love putting new framed prints on my wall - it's such a good way to pep up a boring wall. There are loads of really talented designers on sites like Folksy and Etsy, and you should definitely head over and give them some business if you're buying something you'll want to show off proudly for years to come. But if you're looking for a quick - and free - fix, there are lots of gorgeous printables that you can download and print yourself. Here are some of my favourites:

I Love Everything About You from Tried & True It Was Always You from Honeybee Vintage

Coral Bird Printable from Simply Made by Rebecca Vintage Swallows from The Graphics Fairy
Graphic Diamonds from See That There Vintage Cote d'Azur from

Selection of free printables from Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project

Life Is A Beautiful Ride from I Rock So What

Vintage circus zebra from The Graphics Fairy

Crafty news roundup: August bank holiday

Not many crafty articles in the newspapers this weekend - a missed opportunity I think! However, we did rather like the Mirror's fun and simple lollipop fridge magnets how-to, and this amazing interview in the Independent with Shinji Nakaba, who makes tiny skulls from pearls. The Telegraph's picture slideshow of "endangered" heritage crafts is also well worth a nosey - as a half-Dutch half-Lancashire person clog making holds a special place in my heart!

DIY: Mini gold washi vases

I've spent the weekend merrily spraying things gold and I am SO pleased with how these vases have turned out.

I used electrical tape to make a strip around one of the jars that would be left free from paint. I love electrical tape as it peels off easily, but you could use masking tape, too. 

After spraying:

Then it was just a case of choosing the colours of washi tape I wanted to use and adding a pattern:

And voila! Two fabulous mini vases!