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My new favourite shop

I just have to share my new favourite Folksy shop - BeachShackProject:

Love, love, LOVE this necklace, and her other items which are made from bits and bobs salvaged from the sea - now how romantic is that?

Win win win!

I have decided to run a wee competition through this blog - you can win a pair of brass swallow and peacock pearl earrings just like these ones which are listed in my shop:

All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list and confirm your subscription (sign-up form is to the right on this blog)

Closing date is Friday May 1st - so go and enter quick!

It must be Fete!

Hurrah! Fete zine, from the lovely Folksy seller Momtazbh is now available to buy, including my ramblings on the subject of nudes vs nakedness.

And it's only a quid - buy a copy here:


I have been photographing and listing jewellery for the last four hours - really pleased with some of the new pics though.

I'm also really excited because this morning I received a huge order of freshwater pearls in lovely colours - from white through peach, pink and lilac to deep peacock purple. I've teamed them up with some antique gold beads to make gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bracelets for my new "Luxe" line. They're going to be £20 each, which is a little bit more expensive than my usual bracelets, but still much more affordable than SOME I've seen (some of the prices people charge are incredible!). And it's nice to treat yourself sometimes. Pictures and listing details coming soon - when I can bear to part with them!