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Friday roundup: The best crafty DIY blogposts of the week

Hi all,

Are you looking forward to the weekend? We'll be wedding venue hunting tonight and on Sunday which is kind of exciting, and kind of boring (is it allowed to say that?). But in between I'm planning on making some lovely things, inspired by some great blog posts that I've spotted this week and I wanted to share with you:

1. Unsurprisingly this time of year, everything seems geared towards Valentine's Day. Now we don't really "do" V-day in our house, but that didn't stop me grabbing some of the gor-ge-ous neon graphic printed paper I grabbed from The Range last week (I spent waaaaaay too much, I'll have to share pics of my haul with you) and turning it into Lia Griffith's adorable heart-shaped paper aeroplane garland.

2. Again, Vally themed, but you could make these envelope liners for any event, be it a party, baby shower or even just a sweet note to a friend - isn't it nice to receive something lovely through the post? I've been…

Quick DIY project: Cute paper tag

I'm OBSESSED with playing with paper at the moment. Whether it's my Project Life album, mini albums inspired by Stephanie Bryant, scrapbook pages to go up on the wall, cards or more, I love messing about with patterned paper, ephemera, stickers and all the other gorgeous crafty bits.

I know that sometimes it seems like there's not enough time to be creative, but that's simply not true! I made this cute tag in about quarter of an hour, and I felt so happy when it was done!

I used this Maggie Holmes how-to to make the tassel - I've been playing about with modifications of my own which I'll post soon, along with instructions, but for now head over to Maggie's site - it's so gorgeous and full of inspiration, you won't regret it.

Once I'd made the tassel, I attached it to some embroidery thread, with the other end tied to a plain brown kraft tag. The I pulled out loads of bits of ephemera from my stash - I was using bits from the Maggie Holmes Confe…

Look for the bear necessities

I have so many projects I need to share with you! I've actually had a touch of that creative disease where whatever you're doing you want to be doing something else - it's so annoying! So as soon as I start on a big 12x12 PL spread I want to be making a mini album. I start a mini album and see an amazing idea for a necklace I could make. I get out my jewellery making kit and spot my watercolours... and so on! However that does mean that I've got loads of great things to show you here just as soon as I've got them photographed. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this picture of an adorable little bear that I spray painted gold, and who now lives on my windowsill with my succulents (which are definitely the easiest plants I've ever tried to keep!)