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How to make: Mini paper arrows

This is a really quick, cute project to make little decorative arrows that can then be used to embellish cards, scrapbook pages, gift tags or any number of other projects. And they’re so simple!
All you need is some patterned paper, a little bit of twine and a cocktail stick.

Cut two triangles for the point and two leaf/feathers shapes. I like to make the point double sided although you don’t have to and I haven’t bothered for the feathers as I knew I’d be sticking the finished item to something.
You can paint the cocktail stick with some acrylic paint if you like or leave it plain. I left this one unpainted, but I think the next one I do will be half covered in neon pink paint. Or you could coat it in a thin layer of glue and cover it in glitter!

Stick on triangle on either side of one end, and use a paperclip or small peg to hold in place while the glue dries. Stick the feathered shales at the other end and do the same. When they’ve dried in place, use a blob of strong glue (I u…

I've backed a Kickstarter!

We've all seen those gorgeous craft subscription boxes - Gossamer Blue, Studio Calico, A Beautiful Mess etc... but no-one in the UK seems to make the damn things. UNTIL NOW! I've backed The Glittery Hands Box on Kickstarter - but Emma, the genius behind the box, needs to make another £700 in the next 7 days if she's going to hit her target and I'm going to get my box (yes, yes, selfish I know). So much craft stuff I see is... well... a bit twee, and this promises not to be, which is why you should definitely back it too! Head over to to find out more.