The real "More Dash Than Cash"

Has anyone seen the November issue of Vogue? The so-called return of "More Dash Than Cash" for the thrifty fashionista? Well what a joke. Their idea of "budget" is items under £150. One of the bracelets they featured was little more than a cowrie shell on some chain - and it blew the whole hundred and fifty quid! I could make one for about three pounds (and some weekend soon when I've finished my Christmas decoration buying spree I intend to do a tutorial showing you how you can too).

They also spent quite a while writing about upcycling, and yet the cost of their "upcycled" items still managed to run into three figures. Are they missing the point or are the editors of Vogue so out of touch with the real world that they think that in a recession we can afford to spend hundred turning an old nightie into a vest top that looks like an old nightie... but with some added sequins.

Gosh I'm furious.

As it happens, I'm currently working ona thrift/craft book that will show people how to be really creative without spending a fortune.

I bet it won't get reviewed in Vogue