My first Project Life album - a sneak peek


So I've been infatuated for a while with the way they present their scrapbooked photos over on A Beautiful Mess. I really liked the clean lines, and the fun little embellishments that they added. Then I learned that it was a thing called Project Life… and now I’m obsessed.

The idea is that you complete a spread every week or month – but of course because I’m impatient I couldn’t wait to do that, so I used all my holiday photos that don’t have homes instead. I kinda wish I had waited, because now I’m doing it I think it would be nice to work within that structure, but at the rate I’m going I’ll have filled the binder I have by Christmas, so I can start doing it “properly” next year.

So far I’ve spent a Saturday afternoon and a few evenings getting it to a point I’m happy with. My dining table has become a bit chaotic (see above!) and I’ve definitely bought way more stuff than I can afford (damn you Hobbycraft!) but my boyfriend and I are having such a lovely time looking through old photos and sharing our favourite memories of each trip that it’s definitely worth it. I have taken some photos of completed pages on my iPad, but the lighting was horrible so I don’t think I’ll share them here now, I’ll wait until this weekend to do a proper post about the album so far.