Project Life - my album (part two)

Day two! This was made with some photos from our first two holidays together that I'd printed out to put in a framed collage, but I printed waaaaaay too many and so they've been sitting all sad in a drawer for more than a year. Hurrah for liberating the pictures! I don't really like my handwriting on this layout, and I went back to change it a few times. I used more of the gold glittery thicker (which I love), plus some Fine & Dandy papers that I cut from the paper pack. 

"Chopez chopez" was an in-joke between me & Luke when we were in Madrid - we were both hopeless at Spanish and so started making up our own words when talking between the two of us. One evening I told him that "choppez choppez" was definitely Spanish for "hurry up", we'd had just enough Rioja for it to be funny and it became a bit of a catchphrase. It seemed to suit this little guy well... he definitely wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere. 

The following year we went on our first camping trip together to Dorset. Lots of the photos from this trip are up on our walls, but we still had some fun ones that I wanted to put into the album. 

The tag here actually came with a really cute necklace that I bought from Etsy. I loved it and kept it (I'm such a hoarder) and I was so glad! I think it fits perfectly here. 

Post links to your Project Life pictures below, and come back tomorrow to see more... (it went a bit wrong, just to get you intrigued!)