Photo frolics

I feel like my photos need to take a big step forward. Or is that backward? I’m just not really happy with the pictures on my Folksy site at the moment, particularly after I stumbled across this pic, which I love:

I intend to redo quite a lot of them, and I’ve been gathering inspiration via Pinterest - you can see my board by clicking here. Incidentally, I’m becoming a little bit obsessed with Pinterest - there’s so much gorgeous stuff on there it’s nigh on impossible not to spend hours drooling covetously/seething jealously. I’ve also been experimenting with montages. This is something my fellow Boltonians Jamball do brilliantly, but I suspect their shoots must take hours. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is my first, very amateurish attempt, done just with some pics of my Ruffled necklace which I was quite happy with:

Like this? You can buy it by clicking here.

Anyway, I’m off to think about props. I have access to quite a lot of vintage jugs, lanterns, crystal glasses, old books etc so it’ll be fun experimenting this weekend. What are your favourite photo props? Post below...