Meet... Maram

There are so many talented people on Folksy it can sometimes seem like you don't know where to start looking. In the first of a series of blog posts, I'll introduce you to a few - and with Christmas fast approaching, don't forget to shop handmade for the holidays as our American pals would have it!

Today, meet Maram, a trained silversmith who creates gorgeously elegant jewellery.

Name? Mairi Armes aka maramjewellery

Where are you from? Originally Glasgow, now living just outside Edinburgh, in the shadow of The Forth Bridge.

Purple bows necklace

When did you start crafting? Umm, always! Can always remember being arty, trying to knit,sew and so on. Discovered jewellery making at school for a fashion show, never stopped since then!

What made you open your Folksy shop? Everyone asking when I was going to start selling my work combined with a touch of free time when my youngest went to school.

What materials do you work with? Silver mainly, and a lot of beads

Shell blue dropper earrings

Where do you find your inspiration? Sometimes in the beads ands the colours, sometimes in my local environment. We're in the country so at the moment I'm inspired by autumn and the colours of leaves.

Do you have a favourite piece? Why? Tough one. Probably my seaglass bracelets as they are so easy to wear, and give a good jolt of colour to what I'm wearing. I also love the honeybee necklaces as they are a little quirky yet smart enough to wear everyday.

Do you have a day job? Does it influence your work? Not a paid day job at the moment, I'm a full time mum. My two girls do influence me. they love to be crafty and they already have a cracking eye for colour!

Lilac glass silver bracelet

Where do you hope to be in 12 months time? Very, very busy making jewellery full time!

What’s your crafting resolution for the new year? To be more confident in my own work, and to follow up on every opportunity afforded to me.

If you could buy one piece from Folksy as a Christmas present for a loved one, what would it be? Tooo many to choose from. I have a soft spot for PennySpooner Ceramics, so I would probably buy her Lucy Locket bowl for my daughter, although I hope she would be able to make me one specially as it's been sold since I popped it on my favourites!