Bang bang, kiss kiss

I love fireworks. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this to you guys, I probably have, I mention it to everyone. I love them so much I cry if I don't get to see some around Bonfire Night. Luckily this year I did, in the glamorous surroundings of Radcliffe Cricket Club. They were great, though, see:

That was actually my second firework experience of the weekend. The first was a bit of a damp squib thanks to the weather, but at least I spent it with the lovely boy eating hog butties and drinking mulled wine. Anyhow, watching the video back made me think about how I want to make some firework-inspired jewellery. Not just in the colours, although that's a no brainer - they're gorgeous - but also in the shapes I use. Where to start? have any of you seen any lovely firework-inspired jewellery? Share it below if you have, I'll make a blog post about the best ones.