We're in style - as if you didn't know that

According to this week's Sunday Times Style magazine, "vintage costume jewellery is hot this party season", and who am I to argue?

Everyone loves a bit of vintage as it means you're less likely to see someone else wearing the same thing - and with one of my one-of-a-kind creations I can make that a guarantee.

That's why I think it's a bit of a shame that there are so many high street shops now offering the sort of jewellery I and my fellow Folksy folk make. But remember - for every shop-bought "vintage inspired" bracelet or "fabric corsage" necklace bought for three quid from P*****k there are ten thousand more round the necks and wrists of other people. By buying handmade you are guaranteeing that you are wearing something which has had real love, thought and creativity poured into it. Each piece is unique - and personally that's the way I like it.

Today, by the way, I am wearing this: