I feel like I haven't posted anything for ages - probably because I haven't made anything in over a week. I was hanging on for some gorgeous brass charms I'd bought from a site called My Vintage Charms.

And hanging on...

And hanging on...

Today, three weeks after I ordered them, they arrived - only they didn't. What arrived were four items (not the 24 I'd ordered) that bore no relation to what I had purchased. I nearly cried, I was so disappointed.

Suffice to say an angry email has been sent - and I will be doing my shopping elsewhere. It's not even as though, being based in England, it's particularly easy to find another supplier - that's why they can get away with bad service, I guess.

Grrrr. So absolutely and ridiculously angry. I get really excited about packages that arrive, and after having waited so long for this one for it to be so wrong was like a kick in the teeth. Oh well, I'll get back to twiddling my thumbs.