Secret romantic

Ok, ok, so I told myself I wouldn't go all out making things for Valentine's Day. But I'm a soppy old thing, and so I wasn't surprised when I found myself sitting making this Cinderella necklace:

Not only do the stones look romantic, they all have symbolic meanings.

Rose quartz is universally acknowledged to be the stone of love, but a lesser known fact is that Roman ladies believed that amethyst would keep their husbands' love faithful.

And in Eastern cultures pink pearls are believed to work well with the heart Chakra.

You can buy the necklace from my Folksy shop.

I also love the little swallows I've used. After my last post I was worried about the idea of birds and bad luck, so I looked up swallows in my Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. It turns out that having a family of swallows living in the eaves of your house is considered good luck - so i don't see why having a couple living in your jewellery box shouldn't be lucky too!

Good news for me, then, as I love the little charms (I buy them from a girl in New York and I haven't yet seen any other British-made jewellery that uses them), and they've become something of a theme in my work.