Watch the birdie

In the words of those irritating Christmas text dating agency ads (anyone know the ones I mean?) I'm sad. The brass swallow charms I've ordered from New York haven't arrived yet - it's been weeks! - which means I still can't make my friend Laura's Christmas present. Laura - if you're reading this, I'm sorry. She bought me a fabulous handbag by Manchester crafters Don't Bitch Stitch, so I feel doubly guilty.

But birds are a big theme - although someone told me once they were unlucky (stuff 'em, you make your own luck) - so I thought I'd show you my favourite birdy finds on Folksy.

Felt birdy bracelet - £9 - PennyDog Designs

Forest Bird Earrings - £6 - Paisley Chainsaw

Gold Wagtail Brooch - £12 - Kate Broughton

Kate Broughton also does gorgeous meercat, squirrel and deer felt brooches. I know it's more than six months 'til my birthday, but if any generous soul would like to buy me one I'd be forever grateful.

A Bird In The Hand block mounted print - £5 - Sweetness and Light

I'm sooooooo going to buy lots of these block mounted prints when I get my house later this year. Finger crossed the mortgage companies like me...

Swooping Bird necklace - £44 - Bbel

I love all of Bbel's jewellery - there's a gorgeous hummingbird necklace too. Although her designs are much more modern that mine she seems to have a lot of the same likes and dislikes. Gorgeous stuff.

Stolen Thunder lariat necklace - £22.50 - Stolen Thunder

Well what more do I need to say? It's absolutely, utterly fabulous! Someone buy me one please!

Plush owls - £7 each - Covetables
I'm not quite sure what I'd do with these little beauties, but I still know I want one!