Put a pin in it

Probably like most of you, I have become a little bit obsessed with Pinterest. Not only is it the fastest-growing social media tool – always interesting from a marketing point of view – but there are just so many gorgeous things on there. Forget 50 Shades of Grey, Pinterest is where the real middle class girlporn is.

I make boards for everything – my perfect craft space, the commission I’m working on for a friend’s wedding, inspiration for each of my collections, things I want to make… the list goes on and on. You can follow me here but I wanted to share a few of my favourite finds with you here on my blog.

Love the idea of these bookmarks – perhaps a good idea for what to make for my literary friends this Christmas.

This is such an easy way to pretty up some plain bottles.

I wish my craft room looked like this so, so much.

I’ve been collecting inspirational pictures for my friend Caroline’s wedding jewellery – not just of items we like but colours and moods, too. This picture above is one of my favourites.

Pinterest vs Flickr... and more

I’m also really interested in how Pinterest compares to Flickr and why it has become the favoured photo sharing site so quickly. Traffic is growing on the former while it is declining on the latter – to stop the rot Flickr have added “Pin this” buttons to their site.

The obvious answer is that Pinterest is much more social than Flickr, thanks to repinning and the ease of sharing, but looking at both homepages next to each other I think partly it’s more simple than that – Pinterest looks like a lovely crafty pinboard, whereas Flickr’s thumbnails hardly show your precious photos off to best effect. And unlike Flickr, to have fun with Pinterest you don’t need to be an ace photographer – you can show off your style by curating boards without ever having to step behind the lens yourself.

So which photo sharing site do you prefer? And what about Tumblr, Instagram and the rest? How do you use them to market your handmade products? Share your thoughts below…