A complete shop overhaul

For months I have been thinking about revamping the pictures in my Folksy shop – I like them but I have been using the same background for so long and I wanted a fresh start.

However, while the weather has been grey and rainy it has been pretty difficult to get inspiration. Happily last week the sun was shining as golden as the British Olympic team’s medals and a glance out of the window showed me that I had everything I needed for a photoshoot right in my own back yard.

The salix that stands in the corner of my garden made the perfect prop – not only could I hang earrings from its branches, I could also nestle rings in amongst the trees.

A stand for plant pots that has become slightly rusty over the winter provided texture and interest for several photos, as did a worn ivory metal planter and an aluminium bucket.

The stone edging to the bed provided another background for smaller items, but I was having difficulty finding somewhere to hand heavier necklaces – until my eye lit on my shed door.

I’m pretty pleased with how the photos so far have come out and I’ve managed to refill the entire front page of my shop. With more than 30 more items to be photographed though it’s going to be hard work – especially as those riders, runners and rowers having proved so distracting!

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