Thrilling news!

Fabulous news came via email today - a gallery in Liverpool wants to stock my jewellery in the run up to Christmas...

Hi Kat,

My name is Jo Moore; I'm the Gallery Coordinator at the Bridewell Gallery in Liverpool. I found your work through my friend Dan (he joined your group on Facebook). I'm currently putting together our successful annual Christmas show and have been desperately seeking high quality jewellery to include.

I really like your work, and I wondered if you might be interested in participating? The exhibition itself runs from 6th - 19th
December, opening on the 6th with a Christmas market.

All pieces are for sale, and there is no charge for participation (although we do take 25%
commission on sales).

Let me know asap if you're interested. We're
scheduling drop-offs for early next week, although there is some flexibility to that.


Jo Moore

Gallery Coordinator,
The Bridewell Gallery

Very excited, now I'm just waiting to hear back about more details. Any advice on selling through galleries would be much appreciated.

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