Guerrilla marketing

Review: Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson (Piatkus Books: Fourth Edition), £10.99

Jay Levinson is a marketing hero. His guerrilla marketing books and website have become a must-read for any small business owner hoping to boost sales. The latest edition of his classic guide is no different - the new section on e-marketing is particularly useful for anyone with a budget of zero pennies.

The book is broken up into easy to understand sections, provides practical tips, and avoids that irritating "motivational" talk that mars so many business books.

Whether you intend to read it cover-to-cover or just use it to dip in when you're boosting a particular area of your marketing strategy, the new edition of Guerrilla Marketing will maintain Levinson's reputation for some time to come.

Unfortunately, it means my to do list is significantly longer...

- Make signs for bulletin boards

- Opt-in offers for mailing list

- Find stuff for newsletter

- Consider writing e-zine

-Design meme

- Write articles to submit to punlications - not sales copy!

- Overhaul website (check calls to action, attention-grabbing headline, sales copy)