How to make paperclip flags for your planner or scrapbook projects

I've always really loved the look of those cute flag tags you can buy, but I've also always thought "that's definitely something I could make myself". And I was right! Here's how:

1. I've got lots of neon pink and green paperclips  that I bought in pots from Tesco. Foursome of these tags you end up not being able to see the clip at all, so you could just use bog standard silver, but that's not as much fun, right? 

2. Cut a piece of patterned paper twice as long as you want your finished flag to be. I used the pre-cut strips from Docrafts geometric neon kit as they happened to be the right width, but if you're cutting your own, make the width just slightly smaller than the size of your paperclip. Slide the strip of paper through the paperclip.

3. Fold the paper in half and glue in place. Hold the two sides together with another paperclip until they're fixed. You'll see that the inside of the paperclip will be pushed back slightly - this is actually good as it will make the flag sit flat against whatever you clip it to. 

4. Trim the bottom of the flag in a V shape to make the points.

5. You could stop there, or you could add extra embellishments at the top or across the middle of the banner - like this!