How to make: A mixed media embroidery hoop

I seem to have acquired lots of 5" embroidery hoops in the house... I don't even do cross stitch! (Yet...)
Up until now I've been putting interesting fabrics in them and adding felt flowers, but I wanted to see if I could combine some of my paper bits and pieces with the hoops - like a scrapbook page.

For the basic "page" I used pale blue felt which I stretched into place and then snipped off around the back. I then chose my paper embellishments and layered them on before fixing into place. I used a mixture of 2D and 3D pieces (like the cute bow), and different textures including plain paper, metallic and vellum. I used Gorilla glue to fix the non-see through embellishments in place, and added some tiny brads to help pin everything else to where it should be. Then I added a few neon geometric stickers, which stuck well to the felt. I'm so pleased with how it came out!