Business savvy & craft articles in the papers

I remember a time when there seemed to be loads of articles on craft on the newspaper websites. Sadly that's not the case any more - we've been overlooked in favour of 10 New Things To Do With Your Spiralizer* - but there's still the Guardian's excellent "Do Something" series. I know, I know, I am soooooo late to this party, but I loved this article on making things from clay (and the fact it was written by my University friend Becky, all the better!)

The Guardian also have this useful article for anyone thinking of setting up a craft business. However, as lots of us will know, it's not necessarily the initial push that is the hardest part, but keeping the excitement and inspiration going year after year. That's why I'm planning a series of interviews with craft sellers who have successfully run their businesses for five years or more, to find out how they keep their fires stoked.

* I should admit here, I own a spiralizer. I'm not even repentant, I love it.