A long weekend of crafting!

Hurrah for the Bank Holiday weekend! Even though we only came back from camping in beautiful Norfolk a few weeks ago, I'm already feeling like I'm ready for another holiday. I'm rather hoping we can go to the fire fiesta in Valencia next Spring, but after we had to scrap our planned trip to London this month I'm hoping we can sneak in another weekend somewhere before that.

In the meantime, I'm planning on making lots of beautiful things this weekend. I've been having fun creating marbled clay feathers which I'm going to turn into necklaces (maybe even with a bit of gold leaf... hmm..) so I need to photograph those and share the how-to with you guys. I'm really loving working with marbled clay, and I've been having a great time over on Pinterest collecting inspiration for colour combinations. I also need to get some mounts so I can finish my embroidered book pages and maybe even get them listed in my Folksy shop.

I have some packages to pick up from the post office - I know they're crafting supplies, but I've bought so much recently in a bit of a frenzy that I don't know quite what they'll actually be - added excitement! Hopefully it will be the twine I ordered so I can make these cute paper arrows - someone pinned them from Anthropologie, but they're from a few years ago so I'm going to try & make my own instead!