Press release: A Very Vintage Valentine

When designer Kat Dibbits was designing her new collection she had one thing in mind – romance.
Well with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what else is a girl to be thinking about?
Each piece is completely one of a kind and Kat says there is no better way to show your other half that you think she’s special than by buying a piece of jewellery that is as unique as she is.
Secret Garden, £58
She said: “Each piece is a one-off – because of the vintage components I used I couldn’t recreate them if I tried. I have also tried to use more unusual stones in this collection – while there are the old favourites such as onyx, garnet and rock crystal I have also used lesser-known stones such as Peruvian opal and amazonite which should pique the interest of fashionistas.”
Beautiful vintage brooches, earrings and other finds which could have been discarded have been given a new lease of life as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 
Key colours are the pale pinks, blues and yellows of springtime.

Give Me Your Heart, £28

A gold earring with a glass pearl has been teamed with striking lemon quartz and jade to become a beautiful bracelet.

And several large, sparkling brooches have been teamed with pastel coloured semi precious stones, vintage beads and chunky chains to create striking necklaces with feature clasps.
Dazzle necklace, £36
Elsewhere the collection shows a sexier side – perfect for dazzling your man on a Valentine’s date.
Vintage diamante pieces are teamed with striking black stones and chains to create an Art Deco feel, while a deep blue earring is reworked into a striking bracelet with unusual stones and chains.
The collection is available now via Kat’s website,, or through the online retailer Folksy at


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