New Year's fashion resolutions and a competition

The hangover’s subsided, I’m back at my desk and I’m thinking about my 2013 fashion resolutions. My first resolution is to make use of what’s already in my wardrobes – they’re jam packed as it is. It turns out I’ve already subscribed to one of Spring’s trends – the belted floral dress – completely by accident thanks to the bargain £10 Oasis dress I picked up in the sales. It’s the right length, the right colour and the right floaty fabric – anyone would think I had an innate sense of style or something.

I’m less convinced about the trend for collarless blouses – I’m still far too enamoured of the embellished collar I bought from some of our students at work to consider going completely collar free, but I do already have a few silky blouses with v necks that will cover that base. Perhaps I should finally invest in a leather pencil skirt, and so combine with what Marie Claire refers to as “the Helmut Newton effect”, which sounds so much more stylish than the “50 Shades” effect.

Resolution number two is also wardrobe related – I pledge to finally do what my mother has been telling me I should do for three years and take anything I don’t wear to the charity shop. That might just about free up enough space for some of the boy’s shirts, too, which will give him even more incentive to move in than just the pleasure of my company 24/7.

As well as the dominatrix look, the glossy mags got very excited about the water trend that was popping up everywhere on the S/S13 catwalks. I think it looked best at Donna Karan, thanks to her flowing pale turquoise silk and laser cut dresses. Third resolution - to find myself an affordable High Street version that looks just as good.

Another huge trend was dresses with cutouts – and in particular white dresses with cutouts. Now I’m not a size eight (although thanks to the Norovirus I’m not that far off any more) and I don’t intend to flash my pale and wobbly tummy to the world, but I was rather taken with Diane Von Furstenberg’s white shift dress with a cutout neckline. So there’s resolution number four: Don’t write off a trend too quickly – there may be different ways of styling it which suit you better than you initially thought.

So there’s my New Year’s fashion resolutions, what are yours? Post them in the comments section below before midnight next Friday (Jan 11th) and the best one will win this ring in either vanilla or lemon: