Jumpers & jewellery

The Guardian says that one way to update your wardrobe for winter is to team a statement necklace with a plain sweater. Well aside from the fact that I’ve been doing this with my own jewellery for years, darling, they’ve got a very good point.

A lot of people have said to me that they love my jewellery but “just don’t know when they would wear it” – to which my answer is, all the time! Team something really OTT, like my Dazzle necklace (http://folksy.com/items/4011278-Dazzle-reworked-vintage-necklace), with a sloppy grey sweater and leggings and you’ve got a look that will take you all through the shopping day, past afternoon coffee time and into G&T o’clock with no effort at all.

If you're short of inspiration, here's some winning combos for you:

Sweater by M & Co, Duchess necklace

Made With Love necklace, sweater by La Redoute

Sweater by Florence & Fred, Dazzle necklace 

Blushing Roses necklace, sweater by La Redoute

If anyone can help, I'm currently looking for a nice, decently-priced angora jumper, preferably in scarlet or hot pink. Any suggestions?