Summer craft stall

So I’m doing my first craft fair in about a year on Saturday. I’ve never done particularly well at them in the past – jewellery parties have been more popular – but for the first time in three and a half years I let my Folksy shop run down to empty (it’s slightly restocked now, although there are lots of new pieces that need photographing) as I’ve been so busy and so it was a good excuse to give myself a kick start. Plus, it’s free to have a table and it’s at a pub (the Dog and Partridge, in Bolton), so it should be a good day out!

In addition to my big green board, I shall be utilising the little jewellery busts I had delivered a while ago (shame they’re so small really – I thought they were bigger when I ordered them, but I’ll find a way to work around it!) along with a couple of picnic baskets I have. I’ve been putting together a board on Pinterest, as I seem to do for everything nowadays, click here if you’d like to see it. As it’s (hopefully) going to be a sunny day, I’m going to go for a “Gatsby on a picnic” feel – fingers crossed it comes off! I’ll be tweeting pictures via @katdibbits, and there’ll be an update on here, too.