How to make: Suffolk puffs

I love Suffolk puffs (also known as yo yo puffs in America). They're an easy way to make a pretty brooch, are a great embellishment for bags, an easy way to make a pretty scarf by stitching several together and have 101 other uses. Here are just a few ideas...

Headpiece with net and Suffolk puffs by Ark Designs

Christmas puff ball from Maximum Rabbit Designs

Bib necklace with Suffolk puffs from Pom Pom Emporium

The good news is, they genuinely could not be easier to make yourself. Here's how...

You will need: Fabric, thread, needle, scissors, plus embellishments such as cabochons, buttons, ribbon etc.

Step one:

Cut out a circle of fabric approximately twice as large as you would like your finished puff. Tie a knot in the end of your thread, stitch through the fabric a few times to secure, then sew running stitch around the edge of the circle.

Step two:

Gently pull the thread to bring the edges of the circle in together to the centre.

Step three:

Tightly stitch through the fabric in the centre to secure the puff. Embellish with a button or cabachon in the middle, add ribbon for a rosette effect or sew to a plain bag as decoration.

What do you make with your Suffolk puffs? Post your links below and I'll do a blog on the best ones!