New Year's plans

Well I saw in the New Year in the company of my darling boyfriend (who gave me the best ever Christmas present – more below) and a swing band – what could be more glamorous?

So what are my plans for 2010? Business-wise I’ve got one or two new stockists so I’ll be busy, busy, busy, but away from that I’m determined that I’m finally going to take my darling horse Meggie to some dressage to music. I also want either to make some real progress in my career at work or think seriously about setting up the little shop/tea room/art gallery that I keep daydreaming about.

It’s been an amazing year – twelve months ago I would never have believed that my little business would become so successful. Highlights have definitely included the Lancashire Life feature and being included in the Royal Exchange’s Fairytale Christmas exhibition (which closes on the second).

And that present? My boyfriend is a filmmaker and I’ve always been fascinated by the storyboards he makes for each scene. For Christmas I received a framed portion of script and two storyboards from a non-existent film he had made just for me. It’s full of little in jokes and really sweet touches and I had to work quite hard not to cry like a big girl when I opened it. I’m glad I got to kiss him at midnight.