Giddy day

I'm feeling quite giddy today. First off I've dicovered two new blogs that I absolutely adore. The first is the adventured of Widget the sock bunny, chronicled daily at Widget's Year - Diary of a Sock Bunny

But what's this - no updates for the past few days?! C'mon Widget, I NEED to know what you've been up to!

Incidentally you can buy Widget and his pals from The Warren @ Folksy

The second discovery is the Domestic Sluttery blog. As a soon-to-be homeowner, I like their style when they say: "Domestic Sluttery is a new way of life. Written by women who cook, decorate and design (usually with a glass of wine close to hand) without giving up our lives.

"We want to make your home your own, without doing very much at all."

Hell yeah - pretty house, minimum effort? Sounds good to me!

I'm also very excited because I'm going to see the stage show of Quadrophenia with my adorable boyfriend tonight, it's my birthday on Thursday and the Churchgate Midsummer Market on Saturday and Sunday where I will be found selling my jewellery. Hurrah!